WellnuX Whitening Gel

Feminine Whitening

Gel–36ml/Tube ; Gel
A Great Way To Provide Care For Your Most Intimate Part. The Gel Moisturizes, Whitens, Protects, And Lubricates Your Vaginal And Other Areas That Demand Special Care. Gives Your Gentle And Soft Skin.


Hi there, congratulations on becoming a mommy! All of our WellnuX NV5+ products are made of safe, gentle ingredients, so it is safe to use whitening gel during pregnancy. Please be assured that using our products will not affect your baby.

Yes. We’ve had customers who have used whitening gel as lubricant during sex. Our WellnuX Whitening Gel does not contain glycerin, a common ingredient in personal lubricants that can cause skin irritation. Our gel is water-based, so it does not feel greasy, but it does not dry up quickly; these properties make our gel very suitable to use during sex to reduce dryness and irritation.

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