Feminine Purifier

Airless dispenser that works from every angle, including upside down. No liquid leakage.

A Quick Way To Reduce Vaginal Odor, Itch, Abnormal Discharge And Other Problems. Prevents Vaginal Discharges Left On Your External Vagina And Underwear From Becoming The Breeding Ground For Bad Bacteria. Provides Continuous Protection Against Infection. It Is The Best “Bodyguard” For Your Most Intimate Body Part!


Hi, your problem is very common among women! In your case, we recommend WellnuX Feminine Purifier. It’s a spray specifically created to provide fast relief to vaginal discomfort—smell and itch. Our Feminine Purifier comes in a small 30ml bottle, with upside down sprayer—very convenient to use for women after using toilet. You should try it!

Even though WellnuX Feminine Wash cleanses skin in your vaginal area, which helps get rid of bad bacteria that could cause vaginal infection, your intimate part is exposed to sweat, discharge, urine and even menstrual blood during daytime…a wash once a day can only do so much. For extended protection against bad bacteria, we highly recommend a feminine spray such as WellnuX Feminine Purifier.

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