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Customer Consultation

Customer Consultation

Product Design/Development

Product Design/Development

Sample Product Confirmation by Customer

Sample Product Confirmation by Customer

Packaging Confirmation by Customer

Packaging Confirmation by Customer

Quote, PO Confirmation/Contracting

Quote, PO Confirmation/Contracting

Production & Delivery

Production & Delivery

Our Advantages:

1. We have strong capability in cosmetics and cosmeceutical research.

2. We can make a wide range of products, ranging from feminine care, body care, and general cosmetic to pet care products. We provide high quality products.

3. Products will only be made by factories with ISO22716 or government issued GMP certification.

4. Convenient transportation—we are close to Taichung Port.

5. We have many years of experience in supplying various cosmetics and feminine care products. We provide material & formulation research, manufacturing, testing, and import related service to our clients.

6. We are flexible in OEM/ODM quantity and service—we can make as little as 500 pcs for you!

We provide consultations on the following:
Cosmetic regulations and legal requirements;
Export and import registration, custom clearance;
SGS testing (we provide information on the types of tests to get, and prepare the applications on your behalf);
Cosmetic PIF registration;
One-stop, customized services, just for you!

The company has been evaluated by Bureau Veritas Certification Taiwan

and found to be in compliance with the

About Us
No Matter What

More Than 10 Years Of OEM/ODM Experience

We hold values learned and practiced by years to create a strong, research-oriented and professional company.

Hera is a full-service OEM/ODM personal care/pet care company. We specialize in a unique formula that is tested to be extremely effective at suppressing gram positive bacteria such as candida albican. Such a formula can be used in feminine care, pet care products and any other personal care products aiming at maintaining healthy skin. We welcome small quantity orders.

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Personal Care
  • Feminine wash
  • Feminine whitening gel
  • Facial toner
  • Makeup remover
  • Ampoule
  • Gold Leaf Intimate Gel (can customize the amount of the leaf)
  • Feminine Wet Wipes
  • Antimicrobial Feminine Mist
Herbal Care
  • Gel with cnidium monnieri extract
Essential oil
ompound pure essential oil