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Founded in 2008, Hera Biotech has been focusing on the development, production and sales of feminine care products. Women account for nearly 50% of the world’s population, and these women—regardless of age, race, ethnic and social background—all experience various kinds of concerns that affect their vaginal health. While there are countless products devoted to women’s facial and body care, relatively fewer products are specifically for vaginal care. Hera Biotech seeks to fill the void by developing formula based on biochemical professional expertise and cosmetic science knowledge. Over the years, Hera Biotech has created a technologically-advanced product line that caters to feminine hygiene and care. And we regularly updates our formula and product line to make sure that our products are increasingly more effective and more aligned with consumer needs.


Unlike Market Competitors, Our Products Can Effectively Reduce/Prevent Vaginal Infection. All Of Our Products Have A Special Formula Called “NV5+”, Which Not Only Has Antimicrobial Effect But Can Also Help Strengthen Good Bacteria And Restore Healthy PH Level In The Vagina. Almost None Of Our Competitors Can Make Such A “Three In One” Claim.

Our NV5+ formula has been tested and proven by SGS to have near 100% antimicrobial rate against candida albicans, klebsiella pneumoniae and several other bacteria that cause vaginal infection. We use safe, non-toxic ingredients that are edible.

Our brand, WellnuX NV5+ Product, contains five products of different fucntions :feminine wash, feminine deodorant spray, whitening gel, vaginal essence, and firming gel. We welcome distributors to carry our products, and we also do OEM/ODM for other companies. We look forward to collaborating with anyone who shares our vision, that is, to help enhance women’s physical health, beauty, and confidence.

Vaginal Essence

The most direct solution to vaginal infection! Contains our unique NV5+, which reduces vaginal infection and helps rebuild a healthy vaginal environment.


Feminine Purifier

A quick way to reduce vaginal odor, itch, abnormal discharge and other problems. Prevents vaginal discharges left on your external vagina and underwear from becoming the breeding ground for bad bacteria. Provides continuous protection against infection. It is the best “bodyguard” for your most intimate body part!


Firming Gel

Key Features:A quick and easy way to rejuvenate your V-area! WellnuX Firming Gel is made of ingredients that effectively increase the elasticity of vaginal walls, promote lubrication while prevent vaginal infection. Use it regularly to increase vaginal suppleness. Use it during intimacy to enhance sexual experience.


Feminine Wash

A gentle wash specifically created for your most intimate body part, and one of the few products in the market that contains pH value similar to a healthy vaginal environment. Helps maintain a healthy acidic pH level in your vagina, while reduces the harms caused by daily stress and incorrect hygienic habits. Protects and keeps your intimate part tender.

Whitening Gel

A great way to provide care for your most intimate part. The gel moisturizes, whitens, protects, and lubricates your vaginal and other areas that demand special care. Gives your gentle and soft skin.

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