A gentle wash specifically created for your most intimate body part, and one of the few products in the market that contains pH value similar to a healthy vaginal environment. Helps maintain a healthy acidic pH level in your vagina, while reduces the harms caused by daily stress and incorrect hygienic habits. Protects and keeps your intimate part tender.

浴潔露Wash (150ml)成分

Contains NV5⁺ that suppresses bad bacteria, eliminates odor; also contains hydrolyzed silk protein and aloe vera.

獨家整合成分NV5+ 通過SGS USP51 (金黃色葡萄球菌、大腸桿菌、白色念珠菌、綠膿桿菌、克雷白氏桿菌)檢驗。

浴潔露Wash (150ml)使用

Direction for use
Good for daily use. During shower or bath, squeeze Wellnux NV5⁺ Feminine Wash onto palm. Lather on external vaginal, anal and other areas needed, then rinse with water.

浴潔露Wash (150ml)

ALS, SLES-free! No more irritants that cause itch, red, and dryness

-FAQ- Feminine Wash

Q: I really like your feminine wash! Can I use it to wash my entire body? Can my children use it, too?

A: Thanks for asking! WellnuX NV5+ Product Line is made of ingredients that are safe and gentle to the skin. We do not use paraben, alcohol, glycerin, ALS/SLS or other ingredients that can cause irritation. So feel free to use it on your and your children’s body—the skin will feel very soft afterward!

Q: I’m experiencing very serious itching “down there.” What can I do to relieve vaginal itch?

A: There are several factors that cause vaginal itch. The most common cause is yeast infection. Women experiencing yeast infection might have the symptoms of vaginal/vulvar itch, and thick, clumpy white discharge that has slight smell. Other causes include improper hygienic habits, such as using soap to wash external vagina. We recommend using feminine wash that is specifically designed for vaginal area to avoid vaginal itch and related discomfort.