Vaginal Firming Gel

Vaginal Firming Gel

Stay Youthful and Confident!

30ml/Tube ; Gel
Key Features:A Quick And Easy Way To Rejuvenate Your V-Area! WellnuX Firming Gel Is Made Of Ingredients That Effectively Increase The Elasticity Of Vaginal Walls, Promote Lubrication While Prevent Vaginal Infection. Use It Regularly To Increase Vaginal Suppleness. Use It During Intimacy To Enhance Sexual Experience.


Use it regularly to increase vaginal suppleness. Use it during intimacy to enhance sexual experience.

Thanks for your inquiry. The warming sensation is normal—it comes from one of the key ingredients called cnidium monnieri, which is a herb commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine. Cnidium has been used to treat skin conditions such as rashes and eczemas, and some people take cnidium to increase sexual performance (for having similar effects to Viagra). Both women and men can use our firming gel to experience the warming sensation.

Yes, just like our WellnuX Whitening Gel, firming gel can also be used to reduce dryness and irritation, so we’ve had customers that used firming gel as personal lubricant. Our firming gel yields a slight warming sensation when applied to vaginal area, which can enhance pleasure during sex.


Vaginal Dryness: Why It Happens And What You Can Do About It

Vaginal Dryness Treatments

If You’re Experiencing Dryness Since Being On Medication Or A Form Of Hormonal Birth Control: Talk To Your Healthcare Provider About Trying Another One That’s A Better Fit For Your Body.

If You Suspect Your Dryness Could Be Caused By Low Estrogen Levels, There Are Several Treatment Options: Vaginal Moisturizers Or Lubricants, Local Vaginal Estrogen Cream Or Tablet,  Systemic Estrogen (And Progesterone) Therapy, Or Sometimes Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators (SERMs) (3). See Your Healthcare Provider To Find Out What’s The Best Option For You.

If What Your Sexual Partner Is Doing Doesn’t Work For You: You Could Try Discussing Your Sexual Likes And Dislikes—You May Even Find That Just Talking About It Increases Your Arousal. If You Lack Desire For Your Partner, It’s Up To You What You Do From There, Whether You Want To Re-Evaluate Your Relationship Or Investigate Any Health Issues That Might Be Messing With Your Libido.

If You Feel Turned On But You’re Not Wet: Spending More Time On Foreplay Can Be One Way To Increase Your Natural Lubrication. Another Option Is To Use Personal Lubricant (Lube) During Sexual Activity Or Masturbation.

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