WellnuX Whitening Gel

A great way to provide care for your most intimate part. The gel moisturizes, whitens, protects, and lubricates your vaginal and other areas that demand special care. Gives your gentle and soft skin.

Feminine Whitening Gel (嫩白凝膠)–36ml/Tube ; Gel


嫩白凝膠 Whitening Gel(36ml)Contains whitening ingredients

WellnuX Whitening Gel(36ml) contains the following ingredients:
Tranexamic acid: a well-known whitening ingredient in East Asia, it is often used in cosmetic products to reduce pigmentation and moisturize skin.
Chamomile extracts: An ingredient with anti-inflammatory effect. It is used as a natural skin lightener.

Whitening Gel(36ml)

Daily use

Apply a small amount of WellnuX Whitening Gel to your clean external vaginal area, areola, underarm, bikini zone and other body parts with uneven skin tone. Gently massage the gel onto your skin for best result.


Whitening Gel(36ml)注意

WellnuX Whitening Gel also acts as a lubricant. During intimacy, the gel can be applied to you and your partner’s private parts to lubricate and prevent bad bacteria from entering the vagina.