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"NV5⁺ is The Key that Makes Wellnux Feminine Products Innovative and Effective!"

NV5⁺ is the most innovative solution to vaginal problems. Using the latest extraction and fermentation techniques, NV5 is developed to inhibit bad bacteria while strengthen good bacteria, thereby raising the woman’s innate immune mechanism. NV5⁺ is proven to inhibit pathogen such as staphylococcus aureus, E. Coli, candida albicans , klebsiella, and pseudomonas aeruginosa. It is also effective against trichomoniasis.

NV5⁺ also contains ingredients that prevent future vaginal infection by helping maintain a healthy, acidic pH balance of the vagina. Nourishing and non-irritating, NV5⁺ is specifically designed for women, bringing comfort and confidence to women of all ages and origins.

NV5⁺ has three benefits: it raises lactobacilli (the “good bacteria”) strength, suppresses harmful bacteria and maintains a healthy acidic vaginal environment. Taiwan’s SGS and other acknowledged health units’ safety inspection have that found, NV⁺ can kill nearly 100% of bacteria and fungus.


Three Functions of NV5⁺-1

Newest anhmicrobial formula

[ Natural antibody that attracts and destroys pathogen and odor instantly.]

Three Functions of NV5⁺-2

Strengthen good bacteria

[ Contains ingredients that strengthen the good bacteria ,vitamin B that raises immunity ,and other ingredients that nourish and protect the vagina. ]

Functions of NV5⁺-3

Chinese herbal ingredients

[ Fights against pathogen and relieves discomfort. The natural herbal ingredients help combat infection while sooth skin. ]